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Prime Vocational Institute
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The Institute offers the following courses under three major departments: Business Studies, Technical Studies and Vocational Studies. Regardless of program, ALL students are offered entrepreneurship skills, computer application skills and career counseling. These courses are conducted either on a full time basis or evening or weekend programme. In service programme during school holidays is also available.


To apply for a course of study at the Institute:

Complete an application form, attaching 2 passport sized photographs, and copies of the relevant education certificates and testimonials.

Send this form by email or hard copy to the Director of Studies at info@primevocational.org. You will be contacted confirming receipt. If you do not receive a call or email within two weeks of submission, please contact the school to ensure your application was received.
An Letter of Admission will be provided to you upon meeting the requirements for the course applied for.

Downloads: (Please right click and select “Save As” to save the file on your computer)
PVI Application Form.DOC (Please download this form incase you want to fill it up and send it as an e-mail attachment to info@primevocational.org

Technical Department ;

1. Motor Vehicle Mechanics – Craft 1&11
2. Electrical Installation and Electronics Course A, B,&C
3. Plumbing and Sheet Metal works Craft Part 1&11

Business Department
4. National Certificate in Secretarial Studies
5. National Certificate in Accountancy
6. National Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management

7. National certificate in business and information management

Vocational Department
7. Certificate in Early Childhood Development Teacher Education/Nursery Teacher Education
8. Agriculture/Modern Farming Technology
9. Computer Studies
10. Tailoring and fashion Designing
Course Description;

Motor Vehicle Technicians Course (MVT) 
Trainees in this course will learn and master motor vehicle fault identification, repair, servicing and maintenance. Motor Vehicle Driving: Trainees shall learn driving and motor vehicles operation. Motorcycle repair: Trainees shall acquire the necessary expertise in motorcycle repair & maintenance. Non-formal training can be specifically organized for motor cycle repair and motor vehicle driving.

Electrical Installation & electronics (EI)
This course provides trainees with theoretical & practical knowledge such that the trainee will become a skilled electrician who can work effectively with electronic installations and domestic appliances, install and maintenance of radios, TV, and refrigerators, repair & provide maintenance for radios, TVs, refrigerators etc, and repair/install electric wiring and related equipment in buildings and small factories.

Plumbing and Sheet Metal Work(PL)
Trainees shall acquire basic Arch and Gas Welding skills plus some other allied trades such as Sheet Metal Works. First Craft plumbing graduates are in high demand, and can often find employment opportunities in construction companies or can work as a plumbing/mechanical services maintenance technician. The students taking this course shall acquire the skills in the following areas: Water supply, Sewerage disposal, Maintenance of systems that supply and dispose water, Arch and Gas Welding, Installation of sanitary appliances, basic costing of plumbing works.

National Certificate in Secretarial Studies (NCSS)
This course provides training in secretarial studies, leading to job opportunities such as office secretaries, receptionists, and clerks (in private or public institutions and business organizations).

National Certificate in Accountancy (NCA)
This course provides training in accountancy and administration, leading to job opportunities such as accountants and office clerks, in private or public institutions and business organizations.
Early Childhood Development Teacher Education (ECDTE) -Nursery Teacher Training
Trainees in this course gain knowledge of modern methods and practices in Early Childhood Development Education, and learn to apply them to teaching and caring for young children at pre-school level (0–6 years of age). Trainees obtain the ability to inculcate in pre-school children positive attitudes towards themselves, their peers, adults, their environment, their school work and towards society in general,
Trainees learn to effectively make and use teaching/learning aids from local materials; and to interpret and utilize the Learning Framework. Qualified nursery teacher trainees gain opportunities to work as teachers in nursery schools, day care centers, kindergartens and home-based childcare.