Our Skilled Staff

List of staff for Prime Vocational Institute

Sn Name of Staff Qualification Designation
1. Mrs. Harriet Kwebwawera. B Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering (KyU)

Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Diploma in Institutional Management – DIT

Principal /Electrical Installation Systems & Maintenance
2. Mr. Muzaale George Lutaya Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Technical Teacher’s Certificate Instructor Automotive Mechanics
3. Mr. Kabiibi Kalori Keneth Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Economics, (KyU), Diploma in Education Deputy Principal Entrepreneurship/ Mathematics
4. Mr.Kiveiganga Dhaliru Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Accounting
5. Mr. Bazira Michael B. Ed (MUK), MSc.DE (UMU) Director/ Business Trainer
6. Mr. Balaba Aminsi Bachelor’s in Information Technology – (MUST) Head of Department ICT
7. Mr. Gabite Hassan Bachelor of Procurement ad Logistics Head of Business Department/ Accounting, Entrepreneurship
8. Mr. Mugisha Emmanuel Bashaijja Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering (BU)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Instructor Automotive Mechanics
9. Mr. Kirunda Eria Diploma in Catering Instructor Catering
10. Ms. Nakalyowa Annet Diploma in Catering Instructor/Head of Catering
11. Ms. Kateki Grace Diploma in Teacher Education Instructor Fashion and Garment Design
12. Ms.Talibba Sarah TCG Advanced, DIT Level III Instructor Fashion and Garment Design
13. Mr. Kalyebi Johnson Diploma in Teacher Education (Plumbing) Instructor Plumbing
14. Mr. Wanyama Simon Diploma Teacher Education (BCP) Head of Department BCP
15 Mr. Sikuku Wycliff Diploma in Education Head Communication Skills
16. Ms. Nabula Florence Diploma in Civil Engineering Head of Department Plumbing
17. Mr. Mukisa Richard Diploma in Teacher Education

Craft11 Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Instructor Automotive Mechanics
18. Mr. Lyada Joshua Diploma in Civil Engineering Instructor BCP
20. Mr. Hasimo Aggrey Diploma Electrical Engineering Instructor Electrical
21. Mr. Kitamirike Sam Advanced MVT Instructor MVM
22 Mr. Maka Epharaim Diploma in Agriculture Instructor Agriculture
23. Mr. Bataire Stephen DIT Level II Instructor Motor Vehicle Driving and Motor Cycle Repairs.
24. Ms. Birungi Damalie DIT Instructor Hair Dressing